Recorders Aulos Recorder, Knick Bass


This "Knick" style bass recorder is an excellent ensemble instrument. Full sound in all registers. Comfortable finger stretch and lightwight for easy holding. Double keys for F and F#. Double holes for G and G#. Direct blow mouthpiece and built-in thumb rest. Dark bown with ivory mouthpiece, two rings and foot. Includes deluxe carrying bag, joint grease and neckstrap.


  • - "Knick" style (crook neck mouthpiece)
  • - High-quality ABS resin for full sound in all registers
  • - Double keys for F and F#
  • - Double holes for G and G#.
  • - Key of F
  • - Built-in thumb rest
  • - Dark brown with ivory mouthpiece
  • - Two rings and foot
  • - Includes carrying bag
  • - Joint grease
  • - Neck strap

Aulos Recorder, Knick Bass