Bagpipes Ross Electronic Bagpipes

The Ross Electronic Bagpipe is an affordable, high quality digital instrument. The unit can be programmed to play in the regular key of b-flat or one of seven different keys to match the pitch of other instruments. This gives you the versatility of being able to play along with many different instruments. This way the piper is no longer the only person in the group who is bound to just playing in one key. As well, there is a harmony button where it will automatically play harmonies with every note. The unit is easily configured to remember volume and key settings if desired. It is specially programmed to shut down after a period of inactivity to conserve battery power. Ross Electronic Bagpipes may be used with it's built in speaker, or it can be used with headphones. There is also the option of hooking this unit up to a external amplifier. This unit uses easily replaceable 9 volt batteries., equally suitable for use as a convenient practice chanter or, with an amplifier, for live performance. A great product! and perfect for pipers of all skill levels.

Ross Electronic Bagpipes

  • $400.00