Media Texas Blues Guitar  DVD

The Lone State boasts many cultural riches, and its gifts to the blues tradition are among its most exemplary treasures. The range of Texas blues guitar styles, both rural and urban, is captured in this collection of 14 performances by four legendary Texas bluesmen. Blazing 1991 performances by the great Albert Collins generate a heat which belies his Iceman moniker. Freddie King cooks at full boil in a 1972 set which includes his signature song "Going Down." Rare 1960 footage of Lightnin' Hopkins shows how intense the down-home acoustic Texas blues could be. A 1968 performance by Mance Lipscomb traces the blues tradition to its work song taproot with "Captain, Captain." Alternately stark and celebratory, the Texas blues of these per-formances comprise a legacy as expansive as the Lone Star State's legendary vistas. Running time: 60 minutes.

Texas Blues Guitar DVD

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