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Anton Breton

Anton Breton VP-70K Standard Shoulder Rest - 4/4–3/4

Anton Breton VP-70K Standard Shoulder Rest - 4/4–3/4


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One of the most popular shoulder rests in history, the elegant Anton Breton VP-70K is the choice of a great majority of players–from students to symphony professionals! The metal body, lightweight and rugged, is perfectly shaped to fit the majority of violinists and the firm and resilient padding will provide years of comfort and will not break down under continuous usage. This rest is fully adjustable to fit any violin from a slightly large 4/4 to a 3/4 size. The attaching feet are covered in a soft, pliable material that holds the rest securely to the violin while protecting the delicate varnish. This lightweight, thoughtfully designed violin shoulder rest will give years of trouble free service and the modest price is just what you'd expect from a quality product with the name Anton Breton!

  • Adjustable in height and width, this shoulder rest will fit most 3/4 to 4/4 sized violins–also works well for 16-12 violas
  • Rugged metal body covered with soft but resilient foam for maximum player comfort and control
  • Shoulder rest feet are covered in a soft, grippy material that cannot damage sensitive violin edges
  • Legendary Anton Breton quality at the attractive price you’ve come to expect
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