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Highland Pipes, full size, rosewood

Highland Pipes, full size, rosewood


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Inexpensive pipes of good quality can be difficult to find, and these pipes should not be confused with cheaper export grades available today. Each of the full Highland sets we offer are well tuned and have meticulously polished bores. They utilize seasoned, secure flapper valves, authentic hide bags, and consistent lathing techniques for air solid pipe and reed fittings. Crafted of high grade, dried and seasoned Rosewood, they are cleanly made, and very capable instruments for students and regular practitioners of the Bagpiping art. Two full sets of hemp wound reeds are included, plus setup and care instructions. Fully dressed with decorative braided pipe cord, authentic Scottish tartan, with imitation Ivory or nickel silver engraved mounts available on certain models.

We have reduced the price of these pipes because the hard-shell protective cases are blemished with some outer surfaces/seams repaired with tape.

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