Remo Buffalo Drum 14" x 3.5" Buffalo

Product Description

A buffalo illustration is framed by a divided circle, reflecting the four cardinal directions. According to Native American belief, the four directions must be in balance for all to be well with the world. The illustration is printed into the Fiberskyn head to last. This elegantly simple design will inspire you to beat out captivating rhythms. The Fiberskyn head is pulled over a 3.5 inch deep frame providing excellent resonance. Braided cords are used for cross bracing to add to the look and feel of the Buffalo Drum. The center of the cording is comfort-coated for hours of enjoyable play. Beat near the center of the drum for deep pitches and accent them with higher pitch rhythms from the edge of the drum. Over all size is 14 inch diameter shell by 3.5 inch deep, includes soft tipped mallet.

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