Little Fish Silk Flute Bag Smooth Black

A flute bag for Native American Style Flute made of silk fabric with adjustable shoulder strap. 

The silk is hand-woven by my cousin from Napho district, Buriram Province in Northeastern Thailand. Solid color silk is rare from this region as most weavers prefer the varied patterns that Buriram is famous for. 

The inner lining is cotton from the local fabric market, quilted to thicken the bag in order to help secure and protect your flute. The bag is very light hence there will not be any extra weight added when you carry the flute.

The one-of-a-kind strap was woven by me on a hand-loom using cotton yarn from India.

Measures approximately 5.5 inches wide x 20 inches in length.

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Little Fish Silk Flute Bag Smooth Black