Percussions - Others SongPod

The hand-held, self-playing musical instruments - each with its own unique song! SongPods™ are tear-drop shaped to fit the human palm. When gently shaken - Songpods™ produce a serene echoing ring and lingering vibration that soothes the spirit. Turning them over, near your ears, SongPods sing like a tinkling wind chime in a private breeze. CLACKING them together, or on any hard surface, and another ‘voice’ is heard as they sing aloud in echoing antiquity! Unbreakable – their music transcends all time and endures all adventures!

SongPods™ are used in health care facilities, for autistic children, older adults and in numerous therapy modalities. They are also used by massage therapists and Reiki practitioners. For over a quarter century, people on all 7 continents and from all walks of life have been enjoying SongPods’ harmonies!

To the delight of their Inventor, SongPods are “serving in ways I never dreamed, touching lives I’ve never known and traversing lands I’ll never see…how blessed I am to have been entrusted with their launch into this tangible world!”

Each SongPod is sold separately.