Hammered Dulcimers Warbler Hammered Dulcimer 17/16/8 Package
The Warbler has been a premier dulcimer for many years, and has been through many revisions. The model shown has a Douglas Fir top and laminated Birch back. They can also be made in all solid woods. They have a great full sound, and are fully chromatic within the standard 3 octave range. They also have an extended range down. The left bridge fills out the lower octave of the keys of G and A. There's also a low C. Please see the tuning diagram for this dulcimer.

The packages include:
The Instrument
Stand: Choice of Ladies or Gents height stand up, or a sit down version
Chromatic electronic tuner
Tuning wrench
Book: Mel Bay's First Lessons Hammered Dulcimer
Tuning diagram, guarantee, and chromatic tuner instructions


Sound Sample

Songbird Warbler Hammered Dulcimer 17/16/8 Package