Lark in the Morning Paddy Harmonica
Lark in the Morning Paddy Harmonica

A harmonica designed for Irish melodies!

Paddy Richter tuning (developed by Brendan Power) was developed with Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes in mind but is suitable for other melodic music also. The tuning raises the 3 blow by a whole step, for example from G to A on a C harp. This addition of the sixth also allows melodies on a harmonica's corresponding minor scale (e.g. A minor on a C harmonica) to be played an octave lower than would otherwise be possible without bending.

The addition of this, however, adds an additional complication to playing harmonic music on the harmonica, requiring the 3 hole to be blocked when playing a tonic chord. The lower octave requires a bend on the 2 draw to achieve a missing note (on a G harmonica, a C when playing in G, or a C# when playing in D), which is also required on standard Richter-tuned harmonicas.

This harmonica is tuned in C, notes on the chart below.

       1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
blow: |C |E |A |C |E |G |C |E |G |C |
draw: |D |G |B |D |F |A |B |D |F |A |


Lark in the Morning Paddy Harmonica