Compact Reflection Didgeridoo
Didgeridoos Compact Reflection Didgeridoo

The X8 Compact Reflection Didgeridoo changes the direction of the sound waves so that you hear and feel the sound as you play. Practice your own didgeridoo therapy any time you want with this compact box that shocks players when they hear the quality sound it produces.

Sometimes referred to as the 3-hole didgeridoo because of the 3 holes on the back, the middle hole is for playing and the other two holes are the ports for the sound waves to escape. Inside the box is a zig zag airflow pattern that equals the length of a 42” didgeridoo. The sounds you can create are just as wide open as if you were on an elongated model.

Now, just because we call it our Meditation Didge, doesn’t mean you can’t take it out and perform. The sound still circulates for others to hear, so take it on the road or use for practice.

Dimensions: 9" L x 5" H x 1.6" D 
Effective length of 42" due to the zigzag internal path
Mouthpiece is sanded smooth so there is no need for wax.


Compact Reflection Didgeridoo

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