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Mid-East Cura Saz, Red

Mid-East Cura Saz, Red


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The cura is the smallest of the saz family, approximately 28-31 inches, with the highest pitch. It has 6 metal strings in 3 courses. Imported from Turkey.

The saz is a long-necked subfamily of lute. It evolved in Persia and is still popular in Turkey. Depending on the size, it has 10-19 movable frets which include several quartertone positions. Also depending on size, it has 6 or 8 strings, with 3 courses being the most common configuration. A unique feature is that the middle course of strings is tuned to the lowest note. There are many tuning possibilities. The most common being ADG. NOTE: the lowest note, D, is tuned on the middle course of strings, A on the lower course and G on the upper course

Please Note: Wood coloring and decorations may vary from the photograph. Please expect the high gloss finish on the Turkish Saz to show dimples in the light. A perfectly smooth, unblemished, finish is nearly impossible to obtain with the technology employed in the Old-World finish process. These are handmade and such dimples are common and unavoidable.

Accessories: String sets and plectrums are sold separately
Overall Length: Approximately 28-31 inches
Length of Body Joint to Nut: 14"
Length of Body Joint to Top of Peg Box: 21.25"
Width at 1st Fret: 1"
Width at Bottom Fret: 1.1"
Strings: Six steel strings in 3 courses of 2 each with the following width:
.007" .007" .010" .010" .007" .007"
Frets: Tied, movable frets

Tuning: A common tuning for the cura saz is A D G high to low pitch (thin to thick string, or bottom to top string) one octave above the baglama (bozuk duzen).
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