Kalimbas & Sansulas

Zen Zula, 9-key Thumb Piano, with Face

Product Description

Zen Zula - The Zen Classic Regular - Face is a magical Kalimba made in a Sardine Tin Can and carved in Burmese Teak. This instrument has been decorated using paint and pyro engraving. It has a metal bridge that is incrusted into a wood soundboard. This very stable construction gives the instrument a deepness in tone and helps to ensure that it will not go out of tune.

The ZenZula is tuned at 440 Mhz so, you can play along with other instruments like the piano, guitar, flute etc.  The notes are arranged in a fan like shape with the lowest note (F) in the middle, afterwhich the notes follow a left-to-right progression F, A, C, D, E, F, A, C, D.

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