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Stoney End

Stoney End Eve 22 String Harp Package, Cherry

Stoney End Eve 22 String Harp Package, Cherry


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The Eve Harp is our most popular model. It is a 22-string lap or knee harp, tuned from G to G with levers on the C and F strings. The lowest C is middle C on a piano. Because of its small size, this harp can be taken almost everywhere, yet it is capable of expressive music. The limitation of the three octave range is made up for by the portability of this sweet lightweight harp. This harp is 30 inches high, 17 inches deep, and 10 inches wide and weighs 7 pounds.

Comes with:

C and F Loveland levers and the adjustment lever tools for adjusting tension on black lever cams and the adjustment tool for the metal brackets.

Strap button, shoulder strap and 2 sets of strap stops for keeping the strap tight on the buttons.

Padded harp bag.

Teach Yourself to Play Folk Harp by Sylvia Woods tutor book.

Two tuning wrenches for zither pins.

Full extra Eve harp replacement set of strings.

Abrasive cord for smoothing edges in pins, if string breaks at the top.

Clip-on chromatic tuner.

5 year limited warranty.

String chart, Loveland lever chart, instruction sheet for using the playing strap.


This harp will ship directly from the maker to our domestic customers. International orders will ship to our warehouse to prep for final shipping to the customer. Since it is made to order, it will take 3 to 4 months from the time the order is placed to ship.


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