Lyres Old World Lyre Kit Wire

***There is a 5 week wait-time for the instrument to ship from the craftsman's workshop, after ordering.***


Interesting project with high quality wood parts and some fun options for customizing with paints, carvings, laces, feathers, beads, etc.

Building Time: 20-30 hours

Tools Required: Spring clamps or weights, electric hand drill, router (optional), power hand sander, standard hand tools

Great sound and look.

Old World Lyre Kit

Item Old World Lyre Kit
Strings 10 strings
Tuning Diatonic - C4 to E5
Weight 2.5 pounds
Overall Length 25"
Width 16" at the top, 10" at the bottom
Soundboard Solid spruce
Frame and back Walnut

Old World Lyre Kit Wire