Ocarinas Wooden Ocarina, Kit In Walnut and Padauk
I recommend a hand rubbed oil finish on all these kits, but it looks especially nice on the solid wood kits. An oil finish is easy to apply and brings out the natural beauty and color of the woods.

This ocarina kit features pre-cut cut wooden pieces that are easy to assemble. The end result...a real musical instrument that plays the full scale using only four finger holes. You'll be amazed at the quality of these parts and how precisely they fit together.

This is a great project to do alone or with friends. It's a perfect activity for parents and children to do together. Looking for the ultimate party favor? Everyone will enjoy making their own ocarina from this kit. It can be finished in natural oil to let the wood show through, or painted in a variety of non-toxic paint colors to suit the whims of the maker. Let your personality shine! (Non-toxic paints are available from nationwide craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's.) What a great introduction to the craft of woodworking!

All the parts come packaged in a nice little metal box that can serve as the ocarina's home when the kit is completed. Also included are complete assembly instructions and a fingering chart with free songs.

Size: 2" long x 1 1/2" wide x 7/8" thick
Range: 1 octave, Bb5 - Bb6
Key of: Bb
Total Notes: 11

Wooden Ocarina, Kit In Walnut and Padauk

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