Media Shady Grove  DVD

This DVD presents poignant and exciting musical performances by four highly expressive and individualistic makers of traditional old time country music. Although Kilby Snow, Dock Boggs, Tommy Jarrell, and Roscoe Holcomb played music that in some ways was typical of the regions in which they spent their whole lives, they also were astonishingly inventive. Their influence has been very far reaching, extending far beyond their communities, and effecting the minds and works of mainstream popular musicians, as well as the playing of far-flung old time music practitioners. Here is the only known footage of Dock Boggs singing his classic mountain blues and playing his signature banjo style; the intense and original "high lonesome" singing of Roscoe Holcomb, playing both banjo and guitar; Kilby Snow's moving vocal and brilliant autoharp playing.

Shady Grove DVD

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