Portuguese Fado Guitar Lisboa - Guitarra With Case

Product Description

A large mandolin-like instrument from Portugal with 12 strings in six courses. Made of spruce and mahogany. Has traditional Portuguese tuning machines. Curved fingerboard, 22 frets, steel strings. Inlay around sound hole and body. Headstock is carved into a scroll. Small pick guard. Has end pin. With case.

Traditional tuning: AGDAGC

1st course: tuned b'b', both wire 0.008"
2nd course: tuned a'a'; both wire 0.010"
3rd course: tuned cc; both wire 0.012"
4th course: wound, tuned b, 0.020" wire, tuned b', 0.008"
5th course: wound, tuned a, 0.025" wire, tuned a', 0.010"
6th course: wound; tuned D, 0.032" wire, tuned d, 0.012"


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