Psalteries Bowed Psaltery Package
The Bowed Psaltery is a unique instrument with an ethereal sound. It is descended to us from at least medieval times. This modern version is fully chromatic, and set up like a piano so it is easy to understand. The strings on the right side are the white keys on the piano, and the strings on the left side are the black keys. You bow each note individually where it's string comes to the edge using the special bow made just for the Psaltery. The sound is clear and resonant with lots of harmonics. Nothing else sounds like this. They are useful in ensemble with other instruments, and are good for playing melodies while somebody else accompanies.

One of the best sounding Bowed Psalteries available. The Psaltery comes in a complete outfit which includes the instrument, a bow, rosin for the bow, tuning wrench, how to play book, and a good case.  

Two octave plus 3 half-steps range: from F to G#

***This is made upon order.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks before shipping.***

Bowed Tenor Psaltery Package