Media Portable Scales & Modes

Due to the incredible success of all our portable "case-style" chord books, we decided to extend that "perfect size" and that "at-a-glance" theory to scales and modes. Portable Scales & Modes is designed to meet the size specific dimensions you've come to appreciate in a quick and easy reference guide from Santorella Publications. To follow is a listing of all the information that can be found in this incredible book. Ionian Mode - Dorian Mode - Phrygian Mode - Lydian Mode - Mixolydian Mode - Aeolian Mode - Locrian Mode - Minor Scale Introduction - Harmonic Minor Scale - Jazz Melodic Minor Scale - Lydian Dominant Scale - Super Locrian Mode - Minor Pentatonic Scale - Major Pentatonic Scale - Blues Scale - Diminished Scale - Whole Tone Scale - Spanish Phrygian Scale - How To Determine The Correct Scale or Mode - Harmonized Major Scales - Harmonized Harmonic Minors - Harmonized Jazz - Melodic Minors.

Portable Scales & Modes