Harps Even Song Therapy Harp Package, Cherry
A gorgeous gothic style cherry harp, lightweight in design and made to be lap-held and played. 26 strings, tuned diatonically from C3 (one octave below Middle C) to G6 (3 1/2 octaves), with sharping levers on C and F strings. Package includes harp, levers, padded carrying bag, cradle stand, strap and buttons for playing standing up, harp book and tuning wrench. The harp weighs approx. 10 bs. Also comes with extra string set.

This harp will ship directly from the maker to our domestic customers.   International orders will ship to our warehouse to prep for final shipping to the customer. Since it is made to order, it will take 4 to 6 months from the time the order is placed to ship.


Sound Sample

Stoney End Even Song Therapy Harp Package, Cherry

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