Marimbas & Xylophones XY Model 10 Note Xylophone

The keys are made from African Sepele. The natural color of the choice woods I use are beautiful without any alteration. Each xylophone includes one set of SPG mallets. The simple design and wood choice makes this instrument a keepsake for years to come. It is not only great for children and beginning musicians, but for people of all ages.

Instrument specifications
-Tuned to 440 hz.
-Key range: C4-E5
-Key width: 2"
-Key thickness: 3/4"
-Key name stamped in top of each key
-Keys suspended with paracord
-Overall dimensions: 28"x14"x3 1/2" (L x W x H)

Usually about 14 day delivery time.


Sound Sample

XY Model 10 Note Xylophone