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These unique chimes were created by a musician from the French Pyrenees Mountains and are a result of meticulous craftsmanship, and a love for music and beauty. Eight chords of different lengths are welded with silver into the metal plate at the base of the resonance tube. Extremely precise tuning creates a harmonic play of clear tones and overtones. These are no ordinary chimes; they have been used for healing, meditation, group gatherings, various therapies, Feng Shui, as well as being much appreciated by musicians. For use indoors, and outside as long as they are sheltered from the rain. Size: 5 inches by 2-3/4 inches in diameter. Assorted colors.

5 Tunings Available:
Blue Moon: D F A B C E A# C
Crystalide: G B D G A B D A
Sufi: F A D F A G A D
Twilight: E G B C E G B C
Sunray: G# B C# E G# E A C#

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