Plucked Strings - Others 18 string Vemana Harp, by Igneous Womb

The 18 string Vemana is a fusion of instrumental influences from Chinese Harp, western Dobro and dulcimer. It measures approx 4 feet in length and is 36 notes in total. It is played in a similar fashion to the Chinese Harp and accentuated with the slide. It is tuned to 432 hz and is incredibly resonant due to the large soundboard and resonant sympathetic harmonics produced by the harp like string arrangement.

Made by Ryan Paul McLees, an experimental luthier working in the Sierra foothills in California. Ryan has created 5 unique instrumental inventions incorporating influences from across the world. It started with his first invention the Percussive Bass Dulcimer, and now includes the Trickle Bass, the Chelcimer, the Toranah and this, his 14th Vemana.

Comes with the white hard case.

18 string Vemana Harp, by Igneous Womb