Media Emergency Nail Kit

You now have in your hands a kind of insurance policy. Insurance against that most dreaded of mishaps-breaking a nail. You’ve heard stories of concert players about to go out on stage and they slip, or something, and end up breaking a nail! With RICONAILS the problem is covered in the safest, simplest and most economical way. No super glue. No pipettes. No molding forms. NO UV lamps. No biweekly visits to the nail salon. No health risks whatsoever. Now that you have decided to try something new, please bear in mind that the instructions I give here are important and you must follow them to a “t”. I developed my method through trial and error, and believe me, I know what works and why. There is a good reason for everything I utilize, so follow all the instructions indicated. The Emergency Nail Kit contains: 5 special artificial nails in different sizes 3 sheets of nontoxic nonpermanent adhesive 1 roll of Transpore clear tape Complete Instructions * A new system of artificial fingernails. Totally removable & nonpermanent. Effective, safe and nontoxic. Goes on and comes off easily. Will stay on for hours.

Emergency Nail Kit

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