Media Lily Afshar:  Virtuoso Guitar  DVD

The DVD features Lily's soulful interpretation of Koyunbaba, Op. 19 with her mini-cadenza in the final movement, the seldom-heard Turkish folk tune, Kara Toprak Black Earth, her arrangements of the well-known Five Popular Persian Ballads, Gozaar, music by the Iranian composer Reza Vali, based on the traditional Persian scale system of Nava using micro-tones, and three selections from Castelnuovo-Tedesco's virtuosic masterpieces 24 Caprichos de Goya, OP. 195.Lily shows Goya's etchings and gives commentaries on the relationship between the artistic works and the musical pieces. Lily talks about her life and her musical journey. Viewers can see Lily's photo album from childhood to the pesent. This DVD is a rare addition to any musical collection, beneficial to students, professionals and the general public.

Lily Afshar: Virtuoso Guitar DVD

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