Media Dannsair - Traditional Irish Music

This Book features sets played in West Coast Irish pub sessions, presenting 40 often played Irish slip jig, reel, hornpipe, waltz, polka and jig sets as well as some original tunes and songs. These 'session friendly' settings are written for all melody instruments and include chord symbols. You will be able to build your own repertoire of Irish music from these sets and fit in with sessions from Ireland to California. The accompanying CDs have the versions of these sets as played by Dannsair on their 3 CD releases: Mists of Ennistymon, Rias Medias and Galicia. Audio Tracks: The music on the audio tracks contains 40 pieces of music found in the book. The pieces of music are the complete recordings of Dannsair and have all the melodies and backup instruments. They are played at performance tempos.

Dannsair - Traditional Irish Music

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