Media 100 Popular Irish Session Tunes

Bearing in mind that one of my life rules is ‚ "Never say never", 100 Popular Irish Session Tunes is the last in the series. Although the series comprises 600 tunes, this last book is still packed with popular standards. The Green Mountain, George White‚ and The Bank of Turf are all perfect examples. Reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas, slides, slip jigs, and barn dances are to be found in the book with the usual importance given to reels followed by jigs.  The tune settings in this book are all "session-friendly," i.e. you can learn them exactly as written and know that you will have a perfectly acceptable version. Of greatest importance, you must practice; the value of this book is directly proportional to the number of hours a day you spend practicing. Chord arrangements are more or less as played on the soundtrack, but nevertheless, are only suggestions. The dominant chords (i.e. D in the key of G, A in the key of D and E in the key of A etc.) throughout this book are noted as plain major chords, whereas many musicians prefer to play the seventh (D7, A7, E7 etc.). Feel free to play either type of chord as the mood takes you. Suggested ornamentation has been kept to a minimum and is indicated by the symbol ~.

100 Popular Irish Session Tunes

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