Bagpipes Practice Bagpipes Deluxe
Killer tone, sounds like a smallpipe, easy to tune and set-up; amazing value. Cloth bag cover with synthetic bag. Great for indoor play. "Practice Pipes" are a complete set of pipes that retail at a fraction of the price of conventional bagpipes, however maintaining a high quality of sound. The set includes the Bag, Drones, Blowstick, Chanter, Bag Cover, Chanter Reed, Drone Reeds and Carry Bag. Perfect for long practice sessions in the house even at night. The set includes two brass drones (one bass drone , one tenor drone). As a smaller quieter set it requires less "puff" to play, thus it has proved to be very popular with younger / beginner players. This set has a standard length practice chanter in the same pitch as highland bagpipes, (pitched just above the key of "Bb")


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Practice Bagpipes Deluxe

  • $315.00