Bagpipes Steady Drones Inverted Synthetic Drone Reeds

The best on the market! Real cane reed sound! These reeds have been developed in house and we guarentee that they are better than any other plastic drone reed on the market. They can handle pipe band pressure reeds without taking excess air. No need to flick. No excess buzz. We could go on and on but the message is simple and clear buy a set . Here is what some customers have said: Purchased a set of these reeds for my son who plays professionally on stage live in the Band " St. James Gate" in Canada. He loves them, can't believe how much they sound like cane, was even able to tune way down to Bb so he can play with other instruments. Must now buy myself a set. Good work lads! keep cranking out these great products. Brian O'Neil Innisfail, Alberta Canada Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] . I was immediately taken to the tone from these drones, instant setup, just pop them in and they play instantly, they needed no intervention in initial tuning, may require some final tweeks after a while but as yet I have not had to touch them, a simple adjustment to the bridle would be required if any. Every band member that have tried them so far have bought a set, given that they are new to the market, the costs are dramatically lower than most other drone reeds on the market at present. Helpful guys in the shop, would also setup drones if required. So far I have replaced 40 percent of my band to these drones, remaining 60 percent still playing easydrones, but are keen to change. The steady drones reeds are also beneficial to intermediate level pipers but are suitable to all levels of pipers. I most definately recommend them, Pipe Major Brian Donnachie

Steady Drones Inverted Synthetic Drone Reeds

  • $75.00