Banjos Gold Tone "Bluegrass Special" Banjo BG-250

This long-time member of the Gold Tone banjo family defines versatility. The BG-250 boasts a full-weight bell-brass tone ring (the lowest-priced banjo in our lineup to offer this feature) AND Gold Tone's unique CONVERTABILITY. The flangeless design lets you pop off the resonator (and the mounting brackets, too!) giving you a loud, clear openback banjo that's perfect for clawhammer or "folk" style playing. Available as left-handed model.


  • Neck:¬†Maple
  • Finish:¬†Vintage Brown
  • Fingerboard:¬†Ovangkol
  • Bridge:¬†Maple with Ebony Cap
  • Tuners:¬†GT Master Planets
  • Inlay:¬†Snowflake
  • Truss Rod:¬†Two-Way Adjustable
  • Tone Ring:¬†Bell Brass
  • Rim:¬†Multi-Ply Maple
  • Tension Hoop:¬†Notched Steel
  • Binding:¬†White ABS
  • Brackets:¬†24
  • Buttons:¬†C-Style
  • Hardware:¬†Chrome Plated
  • Pickups:¬†Optional
  • Tailpiece:¬†5-String Straightline
  • Resonator:¬†14" Mahogany
  • Armrest:¬†Gold Tone Engraved
  • Head:¬†11" HC Frosted
  • Number of Frets:¬†22
  • Nut Width:¬†1-3/16" Bone
  • Scale Length:¬†26-3/16"
  • Weight:¬†8 lbs.
  • Tuning:¬†GDGBD
  • Strings:¬†.011 .013 .016 .024w .011
  • Option 1:¬†SMP+ P
  • Option 2:¬†Fishman Rare Earth Pickup
  • Hard Case:¬†HD15 (Optional)
  • Bag:¬†C-269 (Optional)
  • Left-Handed Available:¬†Yes

Gold Tone "Bluegrass Special" Banjo BG-250

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