Harmoniums banjira Yoga Harmonium  C to G Deluxe
banjira Yoga Harmonium C to G Deluxe (Item Code: HMYCGD)

This harmonium is light weight and very portable; only weighs 20 lbs. The lid opens like a suitcase and needs to be removed before the keyboard pops up for playing and can be easily stowed with the lid being replaced ready for storage and travel. When closed, the height of harmonium is 8.5 inches and when open with the keyboard popped up, the height is 12 inches.

The bellows have six folds which allow a large amount of airflow to the 32 keys, with a note range from #3 C3 to #4 G3 and produces excellent sound volume. The side release on the bellows allow it to be played with either the right or the left hand.

The reeds in the harmonium are tuned to 440 +/- 3 cents prior to shipping.

Accessories Included: Padded Soft Case
There are 2 stops that control air flow to two reed banks; the higher bank (Back): #3 C3 to #4 G3 and the lower bank (Front): C2 to G4.
There are 2 knobs that control the drones: C3 and G5.

DISCLAIMER: Instrument's finish color and decor may vary from photo. Shellac is very impressionable (no pun intended) and during the instrument's long transportation from India, the shellac finish becomes marred by the packing materials and may cause the sides of harmoniums to have impressions. These impressions are cosmetic and do not affect the playability or sound, so we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects.

banjira Yoga Harmonium C to G Deluxe