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Ankle Bells, 3 Rows with buckles

Ankle Bells, 3 Rows with buckles


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Total of 48, 5/8" solid brass bells on two vinyl straps with buckles. Can be held or worn on ankles or wrists while dancing. 

Straps are 4" long and there are 3-4 holes for sizing. When buckled they adjust from about 2.5" diameter (it fits a wrist nicely), to 3.5-4" diameter. 

Colors may vary. 

Ankle bells as traditionally used in the North Indian style of dance called Kathak.  The Karthak dance evolved from the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers. Over the centuries, Kathak dance incorperted dance elements from Persia and Central Asian; today it is a rich art form with traces of Tribal, bhakti, temple and ritual movement. 

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