Media More Secrets of the Flute

More of The Physics, Math and Design of the Non-Mechanical Folk Flute by Lew Paxton Price. Sequel to Secrets of the Flute, this book is written for those teaching or studying the physics and math of the woodwind instruments, for professional flute makers, and for serious hobbyists who wish to enhance their understanding of the principles of wind instrument design. Chapters include: Further Explanation of the Sound Mechanism, Physics of the Enclosed Air Column, Head vs. Foot, Resonance, The Overall Flute Ratio, Tunable Flutes, Equivalent Diameters, The Playing Hole Equation, Nodes and Antinodes, Minimum Playing Hole Sizes, Energy, Using Multiple Tuning or Direction Holes, The Circular Musical Scale, The Tapered Bore, Calculations for Odd Embouchures, More on Panpipes, The Tapered Head Joint, and Notched End-Blown Flutes. Appendices include a glossary of terms and list of commonly used equations. 64 pp.

More Secrets of the Flute

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