Bombardes Bombarde, with key, ebony body and bell in C
The bombard is a small, double-reed instrument, similar to a soprano shawm in range but shorter in length, and is the the forerunner of the bass oboe or schalmey. A bombard in the key of D is slightly shorter than a soprano recorder in the key of C. Bombards are still used in some Celtic music, often found playing in an ensemble of bagpipes or other bombards. They are quite loud, despite their small size. Their tone is high and penetrating.

The bombard, also known as talabard in the Breton language (a Celtic language spoken by some of the inhabitants of Brittany (Breizh) in France), is widely used to play traditional Breton music. The bombard is a member of the oboe family.

This particular Bombard is approx. 11" long.

Bombarde, with key, ebony body and bell in C

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