Handmade Brekete Thunder Drum
Handmade Brekete Thunder Drum
Handmade Brekete Thunder Drum

Here's the ultimate big, booming, beautiful drum. Huge bass and deep tones!

A hand-made brekete thunder drum with two heads and a rope tensioning system made by master drum-maker Simbo Ahbuba. The brekete has hand-cured goatskin heads, the traditional mudcloth covering, and comes with three hand-carved wooden playing sticks (the beater, and long and short straight sticks) also made by Simbo.

This is a big, powerful drum that sounds great played with a stick or with your hands. One side has a thundering bass sound played with the beater and the other has the sound of a large djembe when played by hand. The drum sounds like a powerful dundun when you play it with the short stick.



17” x 16”

Drum shell

wooden kit-drum tom shell


mudcloth - hand-stretched and painted burlap cloth

Head 1

hand-tanned goatskin, with hair

Head 2

hand-tanned goatskin, smooth

Tensioning system

nylon cords

Playing sticks

1) traditional carved wood beater with  knob head

2) short, thick straight carved wood stick

3) long, thin straight carved wood stick

Bag for sticks

muslin cloth with drawstrings

Handmade Brekete Thunder Drum