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Casey Burns

Casey Burns Keyless for Irish Music, in Mopane, for Small Hands, Used

Casey Burns Keyless for Irish Music, in Mopane, for Small Hands, Used


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Used Casey Burns Keyless D Flute, in Mopane, with with offset, ergonomically placed holes, tuning slide and silver bands for players with small hands. This flute came to us in good condition and has been polished and oiled.

Casey Burns flutes are the culmination of nearly three decades experimenting, tweaking and evolving a flute design inspired by Pratten, Rudall and Prowse flutes into something new, resulting in an instrument that is comfortable to the hands yet responds well. These are carefully voiced for ease of tone production, resulting in a flute that is forgiving to play while maintaining a strong tone, especially a warm and reedy bottom D. This suits the needs of a beginning or casual player, as well as the seasoned player. As one's strength and skill increases, this flute responds! You will find that it is not really necessary to keep the lips in tip top shape to maintain tonal proficiency, due to the forgivingness of this flute. In experienced hands, this flute may be driven as hard, yielding a very rich sound, with a comfortable degree of resistance and firmness.

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