Saxophones Copy of Bamboo Alto Eb Saxophone with bag
Saxophones Bamboo Alto F Saxophone with bag

These finely crafted bamboo saxophones offer a warm, rich sound. The open holes give the player options not available on the traditional sax, such as finger vibrato and half-holing. Ideal for beginners, with a recorder style fingering system that makes them extremely easy to play! Pro players will value its unique sound characteristics! Crafted from up to 16 bamboo rings to achieve the unique curved design. Production capacity is limited - each instrument is perfectly handcrafted from specially selected native bamboo varieties. Each instrument is built and tuned individually (pitch A 440 Hz - digital tuner) to play chromatic scales of 1+ to 2 octaves. Comes ready to play with a standard saxophone reed, ligature, bamboo mouthpiece protector, woven carrying bag, and instruction booklet.

Bamboo Soprano Bb Curved Saxophone with bag

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