Kalimbas & Sansulas Zen Zula Mini, 7-key Thumb Piano, with Heart

Zen Zula - The Zen Classic Regular - Thumb Piano is a magical Kalimba made in a Sardine Tin Can and carved in Burmese Teak. This instrument has been decorated using paint and pyro engraving. It has a metal bridge that is incrusted into a wood soundboard. This very stable construction gives the instrument a deepness in tone and helps to ensure that it will not go out of tune.

The Zen Zula (Mini - has only seven notes) is tuned at 440 Mhz so, you can play along with other instruments like the piano, guitar, flute etc.  The notes are arranged in a fan like shape with the lowest note (D) in the middle, afterwhich the notes follow a left-to-right progression D, F, G, A, C, D, F.

Zen Zula Mini, 7-key Thumb Piano, with Heart