Djembe Drum, 9 inch head x 19 inches tall

This special djembe was made in Mali where the djembe tradition started and is still going strong.  It is made oftweneboa: Cordia millenii wood that djembe masters consider an excellent dense hardwood that produces nice tonal qualities.

It is crafted by hand with chisels and gouges.  The djembe making process is basically three-fold:  First, the perfect trees are selected from the countryside.  Next, the logs are delivered to the shell carvers who sculpt them into the djembe shape, which is traditional to Mali.  Then, they are transported to a workshop where they are sanded, oiled, the designs carved, and the drums assembled. 

Goatskin drum head. 

Approximate dimensions:

Diameter: 9 inches

Height:  19 inches

Djembe Drum, 9 inch head x 19 inches tall