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Songbird Dulcimers

Dusty Strings Apprentice 12/11 Hammered Dulcimer, Used

Dusty Strings Apprentice 12/11 Hammered Dulcimer, Used


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The Apprentice used to be one of the most popular Dusty Strings hammered dulcimers. Built with laminated birch soundboard and back, the Apprentice is an exceptionally sturdy and stable instrument that are a pleasure to hear and play.

The Apprentice has a 2.5 octave range; the lowest note is the G below middle C. There are 12 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 11 courses on the bass bridge. This configuration is often referred to as 12/11. Easily available keys are G, D, C and F, along with their relative minors.

Comes with case, tuning wrench, owners guide, two sets of hammers, and other accessories shown in the photos. Strings are in good shape.

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