Gunter M. Schillings, Stationes for 4 Guitars or Guitar Ensemble

Product Description

Significant new Guitar Ensemble work with interesting citations. Günther Schillings quotes works by Bach, Wagner, Rodrigo and Piazzolla which all tackle problems of our life such as grief and farewell, but also love and hope which, in the very end, dominates despite all adversity. It is an encouraging work which shows us the worth of life. The music is a balancing act between baroque strictness and pulsating Tango feeling. It is fun for both, player and listener alike and its easy understandable character will satisfy both sides. It can be played in different instrumentations, ranging from guitar quartet consisting of four normal guitars up to several players in one voice. The optional additional use of an octave guitar in the first voice and a bass guitar in the fourth voice further expand its possibilities.

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