Georg Schmitz - Last Encores (Letzte Zugaben)

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Dedicated to Aniello Desiderio and Premeiered by him at the 2009 Coblenz Guitar Festival, here is what Aniello and Classical Guitar Magazine have to say about this work: 'It is always difficult to find the right words to speak about music. Good music, like poetry, communicates with us on a different level to other sounds or words. The best music reaches greater depths with each hearing. This is how I feel about these pieces by Georg Schmitz: they really express something from deep inside, which cannot be expressed with words.' (Aniello Desiderio, Napoli 2009). 'The Letzte Zugaben, meaning 'last encores, 'are four pieces which move magically past you almost as if you are in a dream. The music is light-footed and delicate, as if it comes from another world – a magical other world – and as is appropriate for encore pieces, they leave you wanting to hear more.' Classical Guitar Magazine, December 2009.

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