Bowed Strings - Others Ensemble Tromba Marina

This is the 17th century version with a large long body that opens up at the base like a trumpet bell. One of the most unusual instruments of early Music, the Tromba Marina is a bowed monochord with a special bridge that has a vibrating foot which adds a special buzzing element to the tone. The bow is placed above the left hand, which plays upper harmonics allowing the use of the tones of the harmonic series like those of a natural horn or trumpet, possibly accounting for the name. The left hand often uses the side of the thumb to finger the harmonics. Two historical version are available. Both have the buzzing bridge adjustment peg in the peghead by the tuner for the main string, a convenient and period design feature. Both are hand made of solid woods, with a spruce top and rosewood fingerboard and fittings.

String Vibrating Lengths 57" or 1350mm.


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Ensemble Tromba Marina

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