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Lark in the Morning

Eucalyptus Didgeridoo by Karl Hardy

Eucalyptus Didgeridoo by Karl Hardy


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At 11.2 lbs, this Aussie didge is officially a LOG! It is one of Karl's largest didges. He likes to paint his finest didges, and this one is just covered in his love. With a dot painted Lizard and Kangaroo plus paths and lakes that lead to the inner world, we have some high end aboriginal art work. He left two sections of Eucalyptus showing, each of which has a different brown color.

The oval bell does a great job of accentuating the tenor and bass of this huge sound. Phenomenally. This didge supports two distinct ring tones in G and Eb. The perfectly matched up interior ratios and big bell give this didge giant vocals. Think like dark chocolate, not vanilla, sweet and rich.

In addition to big sound, this didge supports playing at very low volumes without puffing out. Tiny vocals project through the soft drone. With practice, one can produce the infinite unchanging drone while circular breathing. That's one of the hardest techniques there is, And it does a perfect fade out.

The beeswax mouthpiece is in perfect condition. Beeswax supports mild modifications if desired to perfectly fit your embouchure. Be sure to keep this one out of the sun even inside buildings, and definitely out of hot cars.

Sound sample



Here are Steve's ratings, on a scale of 1 - 10:

Ease of trumpet tones:  4
Backpressure:  6
Supports drop jaw:  1
Overall power:  7
Supports overblow:  7
Internal air space match up for sound column vs resonant chamber vs bell:  8
Ease of producing ring tone:  7
Overall quality of sound:  8



Wood  Eucalyptus
Year made 2006
Drone tone key Eb
Trumpet overtones:
   - 1st C
   - 2nd G
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