Flutes Ebony Boehm System Flute with B foot and E Key
Wooden Boehm System Flute - B foot French style in-line open hole design with "Gizmo" key. This is a new design in oncert flutes that combines the warmth and rich tone of an ebony flute with the playability and flexibility of the French flute designs with a B foot and open hole. The result is a delight to play, and would be welcome in orchestras, chamber ensembles, salsa bands, folk music, and many other genres. The head-joint features a raised lip rest and a quadrangular embouchure hole. After almost 60 years of relative obscurity, major makers like Powell and Haynes have reintroduced all-wooden flutes back into their product line as the demand for these flutes increases far beyond the available supply of working older instruments. Now we offer a reasonably priced, professional quality wooden flute that will satisfy the needs of the beginner or experienced flautist. Includes cleaning rod, form fitting hard case crafted of Maple wood with nickel silver hinges and clasps, plus a secondary black, wooven nylon with plush interior carrying case with zippered flap and outer pocket, and shoulder strap.

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Ebony Boehm System Flute with B foot and E Key

  • $2,750.00