Gamelan Instruments GANGSA 10 KEY SMALL (Gamelan)

This is your perfect chance to have authentic Gamelan music in your own home!

The Gamelan is a traditional Indonesian tuned ensemble from Bali made up of gongs, xylophones and various stringed and wind instruments. Ensembles are predominately made of up bronze metallophones, called Gangsa. This is the highest pitched Gangsa of Balinese Gamelan, called the Kantilan. Tuned to the pelog selisir scale, this beautifully carved and painted 10 key instrument is used in the Gamelan gong kebyar style. Gangsa are always played in pairs tuned slightly different to produce beating, which is the pulsing sound when two notes slightly out of tune are played together. Dimensions are 26" by 18", comes with mallet.

Balinese Gamelan - Kantilan Gangsa

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