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Based on the storied 1920 Weissenborn hollow squareneck steel string Hawaiian Guitar! Beautifully crafted of solid Mahogany, with wooden inlaid frets and markers, and the optimal set up for Hawaiian slack key and lap steel style playing. The large lower body shape offers a full, resonant tone and big steel string sound, perfect for indoor or outdoor unamplified performance settings. This guitar is a true classic, and will be a welcomed and appreciated addition to your guitar repertoire and collection.

Solid Mahogany body and top; Square, hollow neck, wooden inlaid frets and markers, 18 frets; large body for full resonant tone. For case please see

Total Length: 38"
Scale Length: 25"
Body Width: 15-3/4"
Body Depth: 3-1/2"
Neck Thickness: 2-3/16"

Can only be played as Hawaiian lap steel.


Most Dobro players use what a Hawaiian would call G "high bass" tuning, GBDGBD.

Old Hawaiian Players used many tunings, here are a few:

A low bass: EAEAC#E.
A high bass: AC#EAC#E.
D tuning: DADF#AD.
E tuning: EBEG#BE.
Bm (G maj7): GBDF#BD.
Bm7 (D6) : F#ADF#BD.
G6 (low): GBDEGB.
G6 (high): BDEGBD (our favorite tuning!).

MANY other tunings are used!

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