Guitarrone (shop worn)

Product Description

The Guitarrone is a Mexican 6-string bass guitar. The mahogany body compliments the beautiful cedar top. It is fretless, with nylon strings. 
Tuning: ADGCEA (high A is an octave lower than you would expect)

#1 "A" same pitch as A or 5th string on guitar

#2 "E" is a 5th above #1 "A"

#3 "C" is a major 3rd below the #2 "E"

#4 "G" is a perfect 4th below #3 "C"

#5 "D" is a perfect 4th below #4 "G"

#6 "A" is a perfect 4th below #5 "D"

Weighs about 4 pounds. Measures approx. 42-1/2" tall x 18-3/4" wide x 11 to 13-1/2" at the deepest. Scale length- 26.25"

Dent on face, and some other cosmetic irregularities. The tuning pegs have been replaced, and it has new strings. Otherwise in great condition!

Case sold separately (GUI027C).

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