Metal Hand Drums HAPI Drum Origin (Tunable)

HAPI Origin Tunable Drum, Over 24 different scales possible in one drum!

  • Ideal for the musician who wants to change scales for different compositions, or for the casual drummer who wants to experiment with different scales.
  • Comes with an illustrated instruction booklet and 24 different scales to get you started!
  • Tune your drum to a huge range of pentatonic scales in E, E flat or D.
  • Try out Minor, Akebono, Pygmy, Egyptian, Blues, Major, Melog and more!
  • Play with your hands, or with the provided mallets for great sound.
  • Instead of purchasing many drums in different tunings, you can get one that will play in over 24!
  • The highest note possible is A in the 4th octave, the lowest note possible is D in the 3rd octave.
  • Comes with the standard 440 hz tuning. It can also be tuned to 432 hz tuning.

You don't even need a tuner. The booklet comes with a link to a free online tuner you can use with your computer. Or, if you prefer Mobile Apps for your phone or tablet there are many free ones, or very inexpensive ones (like iStroboSoft) available for all devices. Just make sure it is a Chromatic tuner and not just a Guitar tuner.

How do I do it?  It's simple! Just reach inside your drum and slide the magnetic weight from the "hinge" or base of the note toward the tip. The further you go the lower it will make the pitch. Adjustable tuning is accomplished by adding or removing weight to the metal tongues. The tongue is cut away on three sides leaving the forth side attached to the drum body. This attached fourth side acts as a stiff hinge at the base of the tongue letting it vibrate to create a tone that can be heard when struck. For weights, we use very powerful magnets that can be slid along the underside of the tongue. Moving the weight adjusts the pitch of the tone. With no weight added, (the magnets are below the base of the tongue) your drum is now tuned to the highest scale it is designed for E Minor. Sliding weighted magnets down the tongues lowers the pitch or frequency that it rings at. Many different lower scales are possible depending on how you adjust the weights on the tongues.

Weights:  The weights never need to be removed from the drum. Each tongue on the drum has been tested and matched with an ideal weight. They are selected based on range of notes required and best sound quality. They are pre-placed into the drum so you can start playing in E Minor right away!

Dimensions: 12" (30.48 cm) wide by 8" (20.32 cm) high.

Weight: 12 lbs (5.44 kg)

Color: Aqua Teal

HAPI Drum Origin (Tunable)

  • $399.00